$30.00 AUD

Your July 30-Day Practice

Continue your wellness journey this winter with a practice to inspire greater love, appreciation and compassion for self.

This 30-day experience is designed to help nourish your heart build a greater awareness of your emotional and spiritual self each day with a mindfulness exercise.

Find community, inspiration and accountability within the challenge. Feel a sense of achievement and work your way to forging a positive new habit to cultivate self-worth, self-appreciation and unconditional self-love.

Experience calm energy and a focussed mindset as you integrate a simple and powerful daily practice into your day. 

Why this challenge?

Self-love is more than a bubble bath and treating yourself it requires radical self-acceptance, discipline, boundaries and self-compassion.

Through this 30-day experience you will be given a new daily practice each day to lead you towards feeling more deeply connected to yourself whilst anchoring a daily mindfulness exercise for more calm and clarity.

Through a 10 minute daily practice alongside the community, you will find inspiration, motivation  and safety as you carve out this heart healing mindful practice each day.


Throughout the 30 days you will:

  • Feel safe to be vulnerable.
  • Strengthen your level of self compassion.
  • Learn how to better understand yourself.
  • Improve focus and mental clarity.
  • Cultivate mindfulness
  • Connect with your emotions and inner child.
  • Feel more calm.
  • Release anxiety and fear.

Each day brings a new practice. 

*** We recommend an aroma for this experience. Grab your favourite Uluna blend or another you own that helps you feel calm.

We begin Tuesday July 2nd and finish on Wednesday July 31st, taking us through the second winter month.


Are you ready to begin?