The Masterclass:
Moldavite & other Cosmic Stones

These high vibrational stones are known for their ability to fast-track your transformation and assist in bringing to light the shadows we each need to meet, heal and transcend through. 

This masterclass is your opportunity to learn the potent ways to harness their vibration and start manifesting.
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Know the features of natural moldavite.

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"The Moldavite Masterclass was AMAZING! I’d been using moldavite for a while and had done a lot of research about it, but the insights from this class were incredible. It’s really changed how I work with moldavite. Stacey is highly knowledgeable about crystals, and I’m so excited to continue learning from her!"


Moldavite & other Cosmic Stones

Empower your journey with this 2 hour masterclass and start your path to transformation.

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