Your space of education, experiences and wellness rituals.


Your Uluna Community

Your space to connect and flourish, together.


Your March Sunday Ritual


Join Kristin for a Sunday Ritual experience as she guides you through an Inner Self exploration.

This ritual experience has been created to help you understand your inner self, it's importance and how you can know it better. Guided Meditation included!

AVAILABLE NOW - Saved to your library until the end of May.




This is your space for connection, support, experiences and fun. What you'll get access to:

  • A  monthly Sunday Ritual Experience.

  • Chat feeds to share and discuss with other community members.

  • An opportunity to connect with our Uluna team and each other on a deeper level.

  • Invitations to special events and online experiences held within the online space.

A safe space to be in with like-hearted humans.


Your Community

The Uluna Community has been a safe, supportive and fun circle of humans since we launched onto the live streaming space on Instagram. You each bring a vibrant and genuine energy that has provided so many wonderful moments of connection both virtual and in-person over the years.

This online community is an extension of those moments and brings us all together in one space. This is YOUR community, show up, share and discuss your journey and experiences so that we can all travel on this journey through life together.

Meet your Sunday Ritual Hosts.

Stacey Lim FGAA

Stacey is Uluna's co-founder, Gemmologist, meditation therapist, transformation coach, Crystal + Reiki Master Healer, NLP Practitioner, Autonomic Nervous System Reprogrammer and is currently completing her Masters in Holistic Counseling.

She has over 14 years of industry experience, a lifetime of rock (mineral) collecting and is the Vice President of the Gemmological Association of Australia VIC Division.

She is passionate about bridging the gap between the scientific and the spiritual worlds of energetics. By empowering her clients with the energetics of minerals and the psychology behind personal development practices she is able to guide them on a transformative journey, assisting them in strengthening their intuition and reconnecting to their personal power.


Kristin Toller

Kristin is a creative artist, photographer, content creator and marketing curator. She has studied graphic design, holds a degree in jewellery creation & design and has worked in the creative field for 20 years including curating art galleries.

Kristin is passionate about integrating creativity into wellness practices and has become a Uluna's go-to crystal grid queen. Along with being a creative force of energy, Kristin cares for our plants, keeps our team inspired with her work and writes content for socials and our online journal.

The Sunday Ritual Space was birthed by Kristin in 2022 as a way to share simple tools and techniques for our Uluna community. The space has flourished into a regular point of connection for our community.

Kristin believes creativity is accessible to anyone and inspires us all at Uluna with her adventurous nature.